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Disorders We Can Treat

*CBT may be able to help depending on current severity.


from £80.00

We offer assessments for teenagers, young adults and adults. Choose an online video assessment or face to face at the Therapy suite. During your assessment you will be taken through some standard questions to help you and your therapist decide what you need treatment for. At the end of your assessment, you will be given a working diagnosis, and your therapist will discuss your goals for treatment.
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from £80.00

Treatment sessions can be online or face to face at the Therapy suite. You always need to have an assessment before you can begin treatment. If you have already had an assessment and you would like to book a treatment session, then please use the booking form or  contact us by phone or email.  You can book sessions in advance to secure your timeslot each week.
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Group CBT

Group CBT

Treatment groups are available for up to 6 group members at a time. Groups need at least 4 members registered to attend. Register your interest and you will be contacted as soon as there are enough other people registered. Not sure?...Why not have a read about the benefits of Group CBT. Click on Explore Groups below.
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Assessment with Full Report

from £250.00

This is a 90 minute assessment where you will be asked about the main problem or problems you are experiencing. Within a week of the assessment you will be given a detailed, easy to understand report from your therapist. This will also include a working diagnosis and recommendations about the most helpful treatment approach. On our booking page, choose face to face or online assessment, then choose assessment with full report.
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Are you Covered?


You may be able to cover the cost of treatment through your health insurance company. Some insurance companies will allow you to find your own therapist. You will be responsible for covering any excess payments required by your insurance company. If this is an option for you, then contact us.
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